aromatherapy candles for stress relief

Best natural aromatherapy candles for stress relief | Should you really use them?

Choosing the best aromatherapy candles for stress relief might be a tricky thing to do. I mean, there are a lot of candles available. However, I’ll still try to give you some recommendations ­čÖé First of all, aromatherapy is a great way to support your stress management efforts. Aromatherapy is a holistic approach, which should […]

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Aromatherapy for stress relief | The real natural stress reliever

The use of aromatherapy for stress relief is┬áa holistic and therapeutic practice. It uses aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to promote overall psychological and physical well-being. Different plants┬áhave profound benefits when it comes to healing the body when they are inhaled or applied directly on the skin.┬áThe great thing about┬áaromatherapy, is that it’s a […]

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1 types of stress and how to identify

What types of stress are there and how to identify them?

There are different ways to categorise┬ástress types. The most common distinguishes┬á3 types of stress: Acute stress┬áis short term, not recurring stress and often includes positive stress, also known as eustress Episodic (acute) stress is recurring, small stress issues, often caused by excessive worry and pressure Chronic stress┬áis the type, which you want to avoid. Constant, […]

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