About Istvan

Hi there,

I guess You and I have at least one thing in common.

We are both interested in stress relief and relaxation, most likely because just like me, you are also suffering from stress.Istvan Fonay stress management enthusiast and coach

I guess I can be classified as a ‘young professional / entrepreneur’. Have a day job of 40+ hours a week and next to it we have a little side business with my girlfriend, a tea-webshop, which easily consumes another 20 something hours a week. (Update: we closed the tea-webshop, focusing on this blog now and another fun project, which I will share soon)

I am also blogging about stress, to share my journey in stress management because I think it’s fun and I like helping others.

Next to this we are also enjoying life together, doing sports, hanging with friends and working on our self-development, among other things.

I am not saying this to brag about any of these points.

Just would like to point out that we have a busy schedule.

Something that I often hear from people. They say they cannot relax because they are too busy. I don’t think that is true, you can relax and de-stress even if you are busy.

For me it’s busy now and it has been busy before. In the past I used to study next to a part-time job to pay my studies and had multiple side projects I have been working on, like trading on the stock exchange and being member of a university organization.

I had unrealistic goals and expectations and it took a toll on me with headaches, tiredness and bad habits like smoking.

I never had a burnout though. I didn’t let things to get that far…

It’s funny because it’s not like I haven’t read self-development books before on healthy lifestyle, stress management whatnot…

It’s just, somehow, I forgot them or thought I could do more. Sometimes you need a reality check and re-evaluate your risk/reward ratio of you actions.

I did that one time when I was laying on bed suffering from an annoying headache in the middle of the day.

Clearly remember, I was thinking, how stupid is this… Not even 30, having constant headaches, tiredness and shitty feeling in my stomach.

I am on the perfect track for a burnout…No, thank you.

So in the past couple of years I have been digging into this whole stress management deal to crack the code and get answer for questions like:

  • How to cope with stress?
  • How to deal with stress at work?
  • How to find time for relaxation next to your commitments?

I don’t say it has been perfect.

You will always have stress in your life. New challenges at work, changes at home, annoying people at the shopping mall or just a big traffic jam.

If anyone tells you, they have a method to be ‘stress-free’ they are lying. There is no such thing.

However you can improve on your stress management and have less stress and know how to handle it.

It’s a learning process. Always trying out new things, keeping yourself in check and focus.

Since I think I am probably not the only one who has these type of problems, I thought, hey, why not share my journey and my experience on what works and what not for me when it comes to stress relief.

It might help you as well.

So if you are interested and you are also fed up with being stress, tag along on the ride.

Relax and be well,